To laugh often …

To laugh often and much; to win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children; to earn the appreciation of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends; to appreciate beauty; to find the best in others; to leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch, a redeemed social condition; to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

A Thought on “the one”




Have you ever thought why when it comes to matters of the heart; we tend to complicate things so? I mean you would think that being that these things being so organic and uncontrollable, yet we screw them up to badly. We over think and over analyze it and try to figure out the meaning of things said and glances exchanged instead of actually just letting things be and enjoying the ride.

We waist so much energy trying to get the other person to fall for us only to decide later if we want to fall for them, it is an exercise in neurosis. For some reason we get this high knowing someone else wants us, guarding us from the desperation and uncontrollable energy that comes with being in the love space. The reason for this, I suppose is that we are so caught up in finding the one. The one that will love us or the one that will fix us or the one that will stay; this journey to find the one consumes us and keeps us from enjoying people that come into our lives. We dismiss them because they aren’t the one.

What if we spent less time looking for the one and actually invested in being the one. Then just maybe someone will show up looking for us.

Always in Love,


Liberi ad esse

Reflection is always something that I do on New Years eve. I will admit I usually cry on New Years. I just find it so surreal at times of all the things that I’ve come through in my life. 

The me of 10 years ago would have never recognized the person I am today.
I’ve shed not only weight over the years, but I’ve also shed self. Isn’t that simply delicious? I’ve embraced this new self that could have never survived 10 years ago, but now I flow so effortlessly in that. My outlook and things I have come to dance with in life are just so fascinating. 
Don’t you feel that as well? I know it’s hard when we concentrate on the things we still don’t have or things or people we’ve lost, but we can choose to see things in a different way. 
I can concentrate on the fact that I still haven’t found the love of my lifetime yet, OR I can choose to be excited that I’m going on this journey that on every bend anticipate that she will manifest. 
It’s a choice as to how we address the things in our life. It really does come down to choice. and I choose to be free. “Liberi ad Esse”. 
As you all know I’ve chosen to make fear my bitch and there are just a few things that I still consider that I must overcome, but I will confess, no matter how many times I get shook up and knocked down by those things I will not stay long for long and then I frame it with an aha moment. 
So  I invite you to join me in anticipating that 2013 will be a year of unprecedented growth and amazing awe inspiring magic! 
Yes MAGIC. 2013 is gonna’ be magical. 
When we create our day and say our prayers and meditate, always place it in the hands out side of yours so that we are AMAZED at what can happen. Holding the goal in our minds but letting go of the “HOW”. That’s when it gets fun, that’s when it gets amazing. That’s the back yard the universe. The universe rolls up it’s sleeves and says’s “watch me work”.
May the Magic of the How always amaze you and may you always choose to experience life in the best possible way. 
With Love always

A Poem: LOVE

Love When I close my eyes I see you, though I have not seen you

When I take a breath I breathe you in, even though you are not there

This is a message I share with only you and the universe:

  • Even though you’re with another, your mine
  • Even though your somewhere else, your here with me
  • Even though you may not know it, I am yours

You see –

This love between you and I, it defies understanding

This affection transcends reality

The truth is; you and I have been together for ever since before we met


When the world was nothing but a stray thought we were intertwined In and out of time out and in reality

So now why are we not together?

Surely you understand, you’re being prepared just for me, formed in the likeness of my mind, molded in the desire of my heart

But once your process is complete, then we will be together

Until then, I wait. I pray for you, I build myself up I wait for you dear………..

I wait for you……….

  • Be aware of that which you want and peruse it
  • Be a co-creator of your world as I have been of mine
  • Be that which you need to be in order for you to be here

For here is where I am waiting for you

Not in a place in time, nor a place on earth, but on the higher level of consciousness

Rise from where you are so we can elevate higher together

Where our infinite affinity can grow and prosper

Can’t you see your flaws are perfect in every detail?

Your figure is one of a beautiful silhouette in the form of the guitar

Like the guitar as you walk it fills the air with the melody of sensuality and virtue

Your eye dreams, Pierce my soul with every glance

Your lips so rosy and sweet like the ripe melon or honey dew perfect for plucking

O how I wish I was the air So that I may brush up against you and you may feel the force of love that I may conjure

O how jealous of the sun and moon am I for they are fortunate to gaze upon your person at all times

For now, thoughts must keep me company.

But hasten your steps towards me Grace of God, for I long to be with you as I was in eternity.


by itonijd