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For What’s Right

Writing is not an easy task. Especially when you hope your words will have an impact on those reading it. You can only do it from the place of inspiration and trust it all turns out the way that it will.

Once in a while a subject comes around that consumes us all. We take up these causes that test our metal and try our character. This is where I am today. As all know (and if you don’t now you do) I have began a journey to stop social injustice and promote civil equality for all. This is why I have on my facebook page posted so many pro-homoamarous rhetoric insisting that we not look at it from outdated sources and murky fear based hatred  and prejudice. This has sparked a revolution in my world as I used to be a minister in the church. This week in particular I have been bombarded with all the biblical verses and people insisting that I turn away from my folly or I will wind up in hell. Going into this I knew what the consequence was, but one thing perplexes me:

  • Why are those that historically been persecuted and denied rights in the past, not taking up arms for this latest form of subversive behavior.

African Americans, Woman, minority’s across the board are indifferent at best and in the most part have taken up the banner against homoamarous relationships. It’s as though the centuries of oppression have been forgotten because there is a new enemy on the horizon that challenges life the way as I know it.

Let us recall that If it weren’t for individuals to stand up and rise against injustice, even in the face of biblical “proof” which many used to oppress,  still people rose to what’s right and a blow to oppression was had and minority’s, tough still struggle to be heard today, are in a better place than they were yesterday. Why then is homoamarous relationships and civil unions, and social equality for these at the margins of society, SO wrong? Where are the brothers and sisters scorned and scared by the centuries of oppression? Why hasn’t there been a larger uprising to take up the cause that civil rights belong to ALL? Thus we forget the help each group had in spearheading their campaigns. Indeed there were men that fought for woman’s rights, there were white men that stood with Dr. King. There were Latinos that fight against the Japanese concentration camps, and the list goes on and on.

So before we sit on our high horse of morality and subconsciously talk ourselves into believing that my struggle was merited but theirs isn’t… Remember prejudice is indeed blind because it always looks for the next victim regardless of circumstance and situation.

Let’s rise above this.

In Love always,

Tony JD