Bio: "and when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you achieve it." The Alchemist, Pablo Coelho I am: an academic, affectionate, altruistic, ambitious, animated, artistic, autonomous, aware of the difference between being ironic and sarcastic, black & white movies, a believer (that wine is a food group), a bookworm, brilliant, captivating, a caregiver, charming, chivalrous, civic-minded, classic, classy, comedic, compassionate, a cook, courageous, creative, a critical-thinker, confident, consistent, crown-royal on ice, curious, daring, a designer, a diplomat, a dreamer, easygoing, eccentric, empathetic, emphatic, emotionally-intelligent, an enigma, enthusiastic, expressive, a free-thinker, a Freudian, future TED-fellow, genuine, goal-oriented, a healthy-neurotic, a humanitarian, humble, iconic , idealistic, impulsive, incisive, inquisitive, irreverent, insightful, an intellectual, intuitive, Latino, a Líbra , liberal, light-hearted, a love-sage, a man, a mentor, a musician, a native NEW YORKER, noble, a novice-gamer, passive-aggressive, progressive, open to new experiences , opinionated, opportunistic, optimistic, ordained, organ donor, passionate, patient, a performer, persistent, a poet, poetic, a philosopher, a producer, a pseudo-geek, a psychoanalyst, a puzzle, relevant, a renaissance-man, resilient , resourceful, romantic, a sapiosexual, secular, simply-complicated, a singer, sociable, a songwriter, soulful, self-aware, socially-conscious, a smart ass, spiritual, spontaneous, a student, sympathetic, a theatrical avant-garde, thought-provocateur, thoughtful, truth-seeker, unassuming, urbane, verbose, 1960's-vintage, a wine-aficionado, witty, a writer, “best-est Tio”, godfather, brother, son, and best-friend. "A man who loves music, a man that loves art, respects the spirit world, and thinks with his heart." - Ready for Love, India Arie I am a PROUD Latino my family hails mostly from the Dominican Republic, with roots that span over to England, France, Spain, and Greece; though I mostly Caribeño, I feel very connected to all Latin cultures from the historic genius of Mexico and Rolling Echoing hills of Central and South America, the warmth and laughter of the Caribbean, to Rainy plains of Spain; soy orgulloso de ser Latino - wuepa! I'm privileged and blessed to have a lot of diverse friends from all walks of life and an insanely passionate, nosy, creative, talented, emotional, honestly raw, family; all of which contribute to my live and let live philosophical take on life. So let's chill-out and enjoy the Peace, Love, and of course; The Music Toni-JD

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