Liberi ad esse

Reflection is always something that I do on New Years eve. I will admit I usually cry on New Years. I just find it so surreal at times of all the things that I’ve come through in my life. 

The me of 10 years ago would have never recognized the person I am today.
I’ve shed not only weight over the years, but I’ve also shed self. Isn’t that simply delicious? I’ve embraced this new self that could have never survived 10 years ago, but now I flow so effortlessly in that. My outlook and things I have come to dance with in life are just so fascinating. 
Don’t you feel that as well? I know it’s hard when we concentrate on the things we still don’t have or things or people we’ve lost, but we can choose to see things in a different way. 
I can concentrate on the fact that I still haven’t found the love of my lifetime yet, OR I can choose to be excited that I’m going on this journey that on every bend anticipate that she will manifest. 
It’s a choice as to how we address the things in our life. It really does come down to choice. and I choose to be free. “Liberi ad Esse”. 
As you all know I’ve chosen to make fear my bitch and there are just a few things that I still consider that I must overcome, but I will confess, no matter how many times I get shook up and knocked down by those things I will not stay long for long and then I frame it with an aha moment. 
So  I invite you to join me in anticipating that 2013 will be a year of unprecedented growth and amazing awe inspiring magic! 
Yes MAGIC. 2013 is gonna’ be magical. 
When we create our day and say our prayers and meditate, always place it in the hands out side of yours so that we are AMAZED at what can happen. Holding the goal in our minds but letting go of the “HOW”. That’s when it gets fun, that’s when it gets amazing. That’s the back yard the universe. The universe rolls up it’s sleeves and says’s “watch me work”.
May the Magic of the How always amaze you and may you always choose to experience life in the best possible way. 
With Love always

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