A Poem: LOVE

Love When I close my eyes I see you, though I have not seen you

When I take a breath I breathe you in, even though you are not there

This is a message I share with only you and the universe:

  • Even though you’re with another, your mine
  • Even though your somewhere else, your here with me
  • Even though you may not know it, I am yours

You see –

This love between you and I, it defies understanding

This affection transcends reality

The truth is; you and I have been together for ever since before we met


When the world was nothing but a stray thought we were intertwined In and out of time out and in reality

So now why are we not together?

Surely you understand, you’re being prepared just for me, formed in the likeness of my mind, molded in the desire of my heart

But once your process is complete, then we will be together

Until then, I wait. I pray for you, I build myself up I wait for you dear………..

I wait for you……….

  • Be aware of that which you want and peruse it
  • Be a co-creator of your world as I have been of mine
  • Be that which you need to be in order for you to be here

For here is where I am waiting for you

Not in a place in time, nor a place on earth, but on the higher level of consciousness

Rise from where you are so we can elevate higher together

Where our infinite affinity can grow and prosper

Can’t you see your flaws are perfect in every detail?

Your figure is one of a beautiful silhouette in the form of the guitar

Like the guitar as you walk it fills the air with the melody of sensuality and virtue

Your eye dreams, Pierce my soul with every glance

Your lips so rosy and sweet like the ripe melon or honey dew perfect for plucking

O how I wish I was the air So that I may brush up against you and you may feel the force of love that I may conjure

O how jealous of the sun and moon am I for they are fortunate to gaze upon your person at all times

For now, thoughts must keep me company.

But hasten your steps towards me Grace of God, for I long to be with you as I was in eternity.


by itonijd

3 thoughts on “A Poem: LOVE

  1. If this isn’t about Twin Flames, then I don’t know what is…and oh, how I’d give anything to be the object of such a higher, greater, love. Your poem is beautiful beyond words, Truth. Thank you for sharing 🙂

    1. Thank you very much. Feel free to share.
      I have just begun reading your blog, pretty bad ass.. I like it very much…

      Keep up the good fight my friend….

      In love always…. itonijd

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