The Power in Expectation



How important are beliefs and expectations in determining what happens to us in life? They may be more important than you think.

Have you ever noticed that people who expect the best in life usually seem to get it? And have you noticed that the reverse also seems to be true? Do you think it happens that way due to coincidence or luck? Or is something else going on?
One of The Pacific Institute’s core principles, solidly founded on cognitive research, is that we move toward and become like what we think about. We behave not in accordance with the truth, but with the truth as we perceive and believe it to be. So, it follows that when you expect the best from yourself and others, you behave in ways that almost guarantee you are going to get it.
The same is true when you expect trouble. You set yourself up for trouble in countless little and not so little ways and sure enough, trouble shows up at your door. (Sound familiar?) What do you expect for yourself? Do you expect to do the things you dream about, or do you expect obstacles, opposition and eventual disappointment?
What do you expect from your kids, your spouse, and your co-workers? Do you expect excellence, integrity, and respect? Or do you have to keep after them all the time to keep them from messing things up? Why not try expecting the best? It is a valuable leadership habit that can be learned. It is probably the best habit you can get your children into, as well.
If you consistently and lovingly give your children a better, much more positive expectation, they are far more likely to go out and make it happen. And the best part? Once it’s a habit, it is repeated throughout their lives.
Stay Classy Gotham!
– TJ

Through the looking glass series


Scripture isn’t about what is written, but rather who is reading it.
It is only in the exercising of your faith and execution of your beliefs will you find the  subjective-true interpretation and experience of whatever GOD you believe in.

Too long I’ve thought that it is what is being taught or who is teaching which infuriates me… after reflection I realized that it isn’t what is being taught it’s how it’s perceived and executed in our lives. The choices we make are influenced by how we digest the information. We don’t notice what we’re not looking for. In my teaching of the PX2 program I play a popular video of an experiment using 6-people.

3 people wear white shirts and 3-people wear black shirts. They rotate and intertwine passing a basket ball to their team mates or rather the person with the respective shirt.The question is posed: how many times is the ball passed to a person with white shirt? We watch the video and count the passes. After the review of the video when it ends, I ask “did anyone see the gorilla pass in between the team” We go back to the video and voila, see that indeed a gorilla passes in between the team and waves!

How the hell can we miss that?

We don’t know what we miss if we don’t know what we’re looking for. When it comes to faith and belief, we want it to be so transparent and black and white. We want it to be a clear directive and a standard for living; but it’s not. Faith and belief is meant to raise questions and foster introspection. It’s meant to challenge our paths we choose insisting we know more. It is the crux in the conundrum of the rabbit hole which entices us to go deeper. When faith and belief isn’t used in this light, it’s used as a weapon as we’ve seen in our short yet terrible history. It’s used to subjugate, argue, and births calamities, war, and evils that frighten even the most despondent of us. Then, in retrospection, it causes cynical doubt and in many cases is the cause of disbelief. What is meant to inspire wonder and creativity now radically recons a mundane reality.

So what is the solution? Stop! Stop practicing religion and acting upon short sited rhetoric. View faith as a wondrous child and allow it to birth questions and challenge ideas. Allow it to permeate the crevices of imagination and wonder and lean into that. Travel down the rabbit hole with curiosity and instead of letting faith and belief rather than lead the way to discovery, allow it to travel with you like a faithful companion hand in hand.

Until we meet again, Love-Peace-and Music


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